Posted by: Re.Rooting | 7 December, 2008

Help the Landless Workers of Brazil! Preserve the MST! Support autonomous sustainability!

The Movimiento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (Movement of Landless Rural Workers)  is a movement of landless workers who have been reclaiming land grabbed by multinational corporations (many of them US corporations) in Brazil, especially in the Cerrado where millions of farming families have been displaced by agroindustrial monoculturalists since the 60s.  Since the late 70’s, the group has grown to include over 1.5 million Brasilieros and has been nonviolently reclaiming mismanaged agricultural land and corporate regional headquarters (through provisions in the constitution) and remediating the soil and practicing sustainable agriculture, and setting up pedagogical schools and social healthcare programs as per government provisions and support to these services (on their own terms!).  It has been extremely successful and over the past few years has spread into urban areas promoting sustainable urban infrastructure models in the vast squatter (now much more liveable) camps in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero (imagine, entire neighborhoods and high rises of autonomus sustainability!  learn portuguese and do some tech transfer/ participatory development work if you are interested!).

Their history is one of overwhelming support all the way from the global community to even government ministers, however the ministers and power players who put corporate interests first have promoted military and paramilitary violence, leading to less than two dozen worker deaths in confrontations over the decades.

As you can tell, appropriate technology transfer development programs would be appreciated!

As you can tell, appropriate technology transfer development programs are in demand, as financial and language barriers exist! Contact Friends of the MST for more info!

Now, in one of their most established regions of Rio Grande Do Sul, the ‘Public’ Ministry has voted to begin dissolving the MST in the area and has begun both illegally and violently expelling them from their rightful and established campesinos, despite the provisions in the constitution that allow the brazillian people to reclaim mismanaged land for the commons.  This is at an especially pertinent time as the struggle for food, water and energy security has become a primary tug-of-war between both the citizens and the global corporatist forces of the world, and these struggles are at the center of our capacity for sustainability and resilience as a global community who seeks justice and livability.

Mum and Child at 5th National MST Congress

Mum and Child at 5th National MST Congress

As the Brazillian Gov’t (along with other governments) prepares to catalyze the foreign privatization of as much of the rest of the land leftover from land grabs as possible to feed and fuel the worlds elite (including ourselves!), we must resist this system of agroindustrial and corporatist hegemony by organising as a global community in support of such grassroots movements as the MST who seek, pursue and actualize justice, liveability and sustainability for the peoples of the world.

I call upon the progressive, marxist, anarchist, liberation theologist and bioregionalist communities of the world to let our voices be heard in solidarity with the landless workers of Brasil.  Follow this link : and let the ‘Public’ Ministry of Rio Grande Do Sul know (write your own email if you have time!) that no amount of cheap industrial commodity corn, soy, cane or beef exports, grown and raised on the backs of the land and people (sometimes enslaved), can replace the lives and lifeways that will be displaced or dissapeared by this malicious political, legal and military decision.  Spread the word!

Sustentabilidade! Solidariedade! Liberdade! Vive a luta!
(Sustainability, Solidarity, Liberty!  Live the struggle!)

With Love,

Richard Schulte

P.S. (Also, if people are interested in pursuing nonviolent direct action, look into the financial/corporate institutions involved in this land grab (ADM, Cargill, Bunge, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, IMF, World Bank, Monstanto, Syngenta, etc.) or brazilian consulates/embassies in your area!)

mas informacoes: < por os faladores do portugues < tons of links and resources (in english!)

information on recent corporatist land grabbing surge:


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